Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well that part is done

It’s been a bit busy lately and really that’s helped me a lot. I’ve spent more time on distractions and less time on ‘woe is me’ stuff.

Since my last post-
I hung out and had a few drinks with some co-workers last Friday. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed myself. It’s really nice getting to know the people you see everyday outside of work. The hubby had to go out of town over the weekend so I had a lot of free time for me. Saturday I helped my Mom for most of the afternoon raising money for the breast cancer awareness walk we were doing the end of this month. I had fun there too and was impressed with how much we raised. Sunday I got to spend more time with my family and then hung out with the hubby once he got home.

Monday was uneventful but Tuesday was test day. I took the day off to spend with the hubby and drove us over to the appointment. First of all I got us lost. I parked in the wrong parking garage but luckily it was only one block away. So we high-ailed it up the road and made it only 15 minutes late. We were both in good spirits but slightly nervous. It was a really nice office and while I hope we will not need any other services there, I felt comfortable knowing this will be the place to go if we get to the point of needing a FS. After leaving there we had a nice lunch and a wonderful lazy afternoon.

Now we get to wait for the test results – hopefully they will be ready on Friday. I do not plan on stressing out about it!

I did want to take a quick moment to welcome a new follower - Calmly Chaotic
She left a wonderful comment yesterday that really meant a lot to me in response to my fear of getting the stuff tested –

I met with a fertility psychologist last week (yes I am at that point)and she emphasized the difference between men and woman. Woman have this feeling that once they decide they want to have a baby, it should have happened yesterday. Men think it will happen when it should. The sense of urgency (sometimes desperation) just isn't there for most men and they have trouble understanding how we feel. I hope you find some answers soon.

I really appreciate that she took the time to share this with me. It really made sense and puts a very truthful perspective on how I’m feeling compared to my husband. While he tries very hard to understand that desperation is beyond his grasp. I understand this and its nice to hear that its not just ‘us’.

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  1. Hi Lindsay, thanks for your lovely message on my blog! Just returning the favour (and doing my first ICLW post for the month as it's already the 21st down under!) My hubby too was relaxed in the beginning but later he started having issues with anxiety and turns out he was feeling it but wanted to be strong for me. Hang in there! Hope your test results come back with good news :-)