Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vacation :)

I'm trying to move on from lower point and sad I'll tell you about our vacation! Yeah, its over now but it was great. The hubby and I ran down to Florida for a long weekend that was much needed. I'm happy to say we were able to enjoy ourselves and the time with out having any TTC windows looming.

We drove down on Thursday and had the best weather all weekend long. While unpacking my husband noticed very quickly that he packed everything we needed, expect for his shirts! He was so mad and all I could do was laugh at him! So Friday we had lunch at a Irish pub that makes the best honey bread and fish & chips then went shirt shopping.

Saturday we drove over to Alabama to visit the SS Alabama (a battleship). It was really cool and very interesting. I'm not a fan of tight spaces and stairs so there were a few moments of fear during the tour but seeing that ship was worth it. They also had a submarine there you could walk through. For future reference this is something I will never do again. It had way to many people in there and I learned just how bad my claustrophobia is. The whole thing is literally a small hallway with a few bathroom sized rooms to step into. You can only go in one way and we happened to venture in right behind a troop of Boy Scouts. They of course stopped to look at everything and about halfway through my breathing got shallow and I was on the verge of tears. Finally I pushed my husband forward enough to get past them and got the hell out of there. I told him later that if had moved any slower he and the troop might not have made it.

Sunday we got up and went back to the Irish Pub for a Sunday Brunch. Its something new they just started and it was wonderful. I tried Eggs Benedict for the first time and loved it. Each meal also came with a free Irish Coffee. The only bad part of the weekend was when we noticed my license plate was stolen and we had to file a claim with the local sheriff's department. After filing a report we headed over to the theater to see The Town. It was a very good movie and a good choice to see on the big screen. After the movie, we stopped by our favorite spot in FL - the Crap Shack. And of course, we had Crab. It was by far the best we have had so far.

Monday we drove back home, took our time and had a nice last day of Vacation.

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