Friday, October 22, 2010

ICLW and Positive Friday

Welcome visitors and thank you for stopping by.

Here’s the long of it –
We’ve been trying since February. I know this is not as long as some/most but it’s so very long to us. The cycles have been odd, long, weird and trying. I’ve temped, watched CM, freaked out a few times, used OPKs, tried to relax…..

The short of it –
Today is CD 15 and my CBEFM has been giving a high reading for 7 days now. I had a few twinges of pain on my right side yesterday so I just knew for sure I was at OV but so far no peak days. I’m starting to wonder if maybe the monitor missed my peak-ness but will keep POS until it tells me to stop.
Tuesday we went to the clinic to have the hubby’s stuff tested and we hope to hear the results today. I’m terrified of knowing and terrified of not knowing. Hopefully I’ll find something out later on today.

And now…..

Positive Friday Time!
I starting doing this last month and honestly it has helped my mood and I even think it’s lowered my stress levels too. All I’m doing is making a point to stop each Friday and think of some times that I can be happy or Positive about.

1. We get to find out the results to the analysis. Good or bad news, it’s a good thing just to know.
2. Its CD 15 and a good chance I will OV soon (compared to CD 20ish or worse)
3. I finished reading my book club book for this month early. Now I get to start reading something with fluff.
4. Its ICLW – I love comments and finding new blogs to read. This blogging community is wonderful and helps me more than I ever expected it to.
5. A friend of mine is making me a blog button. I hope to have it soon
6. It is Friday, plain and simple. The weeks been long and busy but now the weekend is a few hours away.

So before moving on, I encourage you to take a moment to think of a positive thing or two that you can be happy about today. Feel free to share it here or even do your own post today.

(p.s - I love my followers and try to keep up with them as much as possible - so if your new, decide to follow me and your blog is not visible, please send me your link so I can stop by and say Hi sometime)


  1. I do a list like this too, I call mine "Happiness Is..." posts. It really does help to list the things that make us happy and to point out, to ourselves, the good things that we have going on in our lives. Good luck with the tests and I hope you get good news.

    Happy ICLW!

  2. Fx'd that the results come out ok Lindsay.I'm sure they will. Thanks for the lovely comments you leave for me...they really help and I really appreciate them :)

  3. What a cute idea. I'm psyched to make a Halloween costume this weekend for my niece. I love crafty type stuff.

    Best of luck on the SA and your TTC journey! Happy ICLW.

  4. Stopping by for ICLW - hi! I've been in this crazy waiting game for a bit longer, but trust me, every month that someone spends battling infertility is one month too long. Wishing you luck, and peace!


  5. i'm loving the positive friday posts :) i hope all turns out well with your husband's analysis!

    also, how do you like your CBEFM?

  6. TeeJay - your happiness posts are really beautiful

    Mrs. R - I love my CBEFM. It takes all of the guessing out. And I order my sticks on Amazon so their about $20 cheaper than in the stores.
    I had a lot of anxiety trying to temp and this makes it so much easier.

  7. Hey Lindsay

    Okay, gotta play devil's advocate here cause I don't see any point in flying blind when you want this so much...

    When your computer breaks, you write your letters by hand. When the microwave breaks, you fire up the stove. When your electric toothbrush dies, you pull at an ordinary old brush. When the car dies.. you go for a walk.

    Following that line of thinking about going back to basics, if your monitor is behaving all bizarro and registering high fertility for too long then get yourself a pack of good old fashion OPKs, take a wee and while you're in there cross check it with your CM and/or cervix. Your body will tell you everything you need to know. :-) It is good to have a back up plan sometimes IYKIM...

    I've got everything crossed that your DH's little guys perform with flying colours! :-)

  8. Hope you get great results and O soon!