Monday, October 25, 2010

Pins and needles

I called Friday to ask about the hubby's SA test results. They said to call back Monday.
Well, its Monday and......

So far no results. I called this morning and she said they had not seen anything yet but that she would give them a call to check on it. I took that to mean she would call me back. But so far no call back.....

I called about 4:00 to see if I could check in before their day ends and the secretary said she would have the nurse call me. But I think the boat has sailed for today.....

I thought they said at the collection place that they would fax over the report and any treatment/conception plans. So, friends and visitors - has anyone else has one of these recently? Does my doctor have to see the report first? Can the nurse just give me the results? I'm starting to worry that they are not calling back because something is wrong. I HATE this fearful feeling.

I feel like a teenager watching my phone.


  1. Friday to Monday would be REALLY fast IMO. When we had it done, we put the sample in on a Wednesday and the nurse said very firmly to wait until Tuesday to call for results and NOT BEFORE.

    I actually didn't call up about the results, just waited until my next appointment. Can't remember the timing in relation to that but it worked out much better because they were able to give me a copy of the paperwork.

    In regards to being deflected by the nurse... at my first specialist if they were in but the doctor needed to see them first she would just say exactly that. After the doctor had looked I was welcome to call or receive a call back with either instructions or numbers.

    Give it time and patience. This cycle is done already. There is nothing you can do to change it and these results won't change it. Even if it takes a few more days you will get them in plenty of time to sort out what needs to happen next if they are not good. This is your TWW, you need to be chilling not stressing. Give your body a chance to do its job. :-)

  2. I have to agree with the previous poster. When my husband had his first SA done we working with my OB and it took several days to get the results after my OB had reviewed them. I just started reading your blog, so I don't know your whole situation, but unless you are working with an RE and made your "deposit" with their andrology lab, I would expect it to take a few more days to get your results.

  3. When my husband had his first SA it took about three days to get the results. The doctor did have to review it first so that could definitely be the delay. Waiting is never fun .. hopefully you will get the results tomorrow!

  4. ugh, that is so annoying :( my husband did the SA at a infertility clinic and the results got sent to his primary care doc. his doc took what felt like forever to review the results. my husband did the SA on a sunday and we got the results from his doctor by thursday. later we got a copy of the results in the mail and found out that the clinic had done the SA an hour after DH made the deposit). so frustrating! ... anyway, hopefully they will give you a call first thing tomorrow and it will be good news! :)

  5. Thanks ladies! I hate feeling like I'm getting the run around but I am trying to relax.
    GS- you are exactly right, there is nothing I can do right now other than wait out this cycle anyways.