Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well we’re biting the bullet. I’m taking the hubby next week to get the “stuff” checked out. We had a talk about it last month and I told him we could wait a bit and try the Clomid first but if that didn’t work he would have to step up to the plate. I mentioned it to him late last week and it really put him in a bad mood. It’s not the cup-ness that bother’s him but instead the amount of things that will change once we do succeed. He wants kids and will be a wonderful father one day but right now he can’t picture it beyond the fear. These moments end up being really hard for me. I’m torn from wanting to help him and being upset that he’s not looking past the small picture. Anyways he was has perked up a bit and asked me to book the appointment.

I have admit I am also fearful, but for a different reason. I am terrified that we’ll have this “stuff” tested and that there will be an actual problem. I know its stupid not to know and silly to get upset over nothing but I am really worried about getting the results back. But instead of looking at that part of the picture I'll divert my eyes for now and instead look forward and hope for the best.


  1. Good on you for getting the testing organised. I know exactly how you feel because I'm feeling the same way about getting testing done. Like you I'm freaking there'll be something wrong. I'm sure things will be ok...keep positive! You inspire me.

  2. Once the testing is done you will feel much better because you will know. Hopefully all will be well. If it isn't feel free to reach out to me as we are dealing with severe male factor.

    I met with a fertility psychologist last week (yes I am at that point)and she emphasized the difference between men and woman. Woman have this feeling that once they decide they want to have a baby, it should have happened yesterday. Men think it will happen when it should. The sense of urgency (sometimes desperation) just isn't there for most men and they have trouble understanding how we feel. I hope you find some answers soon.

  3. I was nervous to get my husband's s/a results, too. I knew that he would probably be fine because he's got two kids but I still worked myself up into a state about it... I had myself convinced that it would be bad results!!

    I suggest distracting yourself with fun, nice things for yourself such as pedicures and massages!! :D