Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Go On This Round

There was bit of spotting yesterday and today while it’s not in full swing I think its just plain denial to not call it CD1.
I know the chances were not going to improve with the first try at Clomid but I could not help but hope. Called my Doc this morning and she is calling in my refill today so I can start the second round over the weekend.

So I think it’s safe to call this day CD1
(Insert much sadness, un-cried tears, slight emotional breakdown)
I’m holding back and not going to have a fit at work today. I do however have a headache from not crying.

It just so happened a friend asked me today how I was doing and she is one of the few around me that asks and really means it. She said I seem defeated and honestly I really do. I feel beat down. I feel like life is kicking me in the shins and laughing at my pain.

So I’ve been throwing around the idea of acupuncture the last few months and I think it might be time to just try it. Looked it up online, found an office ten minutes from work and our insurance gets me 20% discount. I have so many questions and will have to write them out before calling. My biggest concern is of course cost and how often they will expect me to go. Any thoughts?

What about herbals? I’m only taking a prenatal right now but I wonder if I should be doing more. Hopefully I can find some time today to see if there are any Clomid issues when taking herbals.

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  1. *Hugs* Lindsay.
    I'm sorry AF is kaha which is a Maori (New Zealand) term for be strong. I've also considered acupunture and have read good things about it on the internet. A visit to the naturopath or local health shop might give you some direction about herbal supps you could take. Not that I'm any expert (and probably should take my own advice lol). Thinking of you :)

  2. *hugs* Sorry to hear the witch has turned up. Acupunture seems to be talked about a lot in TTC world. It's worth a shot! Make sure you before you start taking and herbal stuff to check and make sure it won't imapact with the Clomid!

  3. Lindsay :-(

    I'm so sorry mate...

    Sometimes it can take a few goes and a bit of playing with the dose to get you ovulating at the right time and putting more than one egg to increase your odds.

    As for the herbal supplements... be careful... there are quite a few things which can make the Clomid less effective so it might be wise to consult a naturopath. :-)

    Keep your chin up and keeping rolling with the positive posts... it is good for you! :-)